First Photos

After our trip to the Smoky Mountains, I decided to try to find a entry level SLR camera that I could use to learn the art of photography. I found a place in Atlanta called KEH that sells used cameras and seemed to come highly recommended.

Before placing an order for something online, I took a trip down the street to Colonial Photo and Hobby. They had several used cameras for sale, and I picked up a Nikon N60 with a 35-80mm f4-5.6 lens for under $200. I also bought a roll of Fuji Reala ISO 100 film (recommended by, and I was ready to start.


Nikon N60

My first few pictures were of some items in Dickson Azalea Park (where we walk our dog) and Langford Park (right across the street from Dickson). I didn’t have much time, because it was getting dark and looked like it was going to rain. My first shot with the camera was in the parking lot at Langford. I couldn’t park my car because there were about 50 of these little scooters everywhere! I had seen similar photos on some other sites, so I took this one to compare with the others.


Miniature Hell's Angels

The other good shot was of the bridge on Robinson that the walking path goes under. I was standing under a big magnolia tree by the creek where we let our dog swim.


Dickson Azalea Park

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to get used to my new camera. Some would call it baptism by fire, I’d call it baptism by hurricane. I had taken 4 whole pictures with my new camera, when hurricane Charley came roaring through – but that’s a story for another day. Note: These photos were developed and printed – then scanned on a flatbed scanner. I’ll add a page later on about what happens to the images when you scan them on a flatbed.

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