Apex 3XTA Review

Tent Information:

  • Date Purchased: February 2005
  • Purchased from: Bass Pro Shop, Orlando
  • Purchase price: $160
  • Weight: > 7 lbs

I purchased this tent to use for camping trips with my wife and my dog – the reason for the 3 person tent. So far, the tent has been on two camping trips – on the Buffalo River and the Chinnabee Trail. The Apex is very easy to pitch. I had no trouble pitching it by myself in a little wind – just remember to stake down the upwind side of the tent first. I believe that it could also be set up to pitch in the rain. The fly can be clipped onto the tent before pitching. This may require 2 people though, as the poles usually need to be helped through the webbing at the intersection of the poles.

Here are some pictures of the tent the first two times it was pitched:

From my trip report on the Buffalo River:

It was still storming when I finally drifted off to
sleep. The tents held up surprisingly well through the
downpour. The only problem Tim and I had was that I had
forgotten to tuck the ground cloth underneath the edge of
the tent. There are a few other changes that I would make to
the Eureka Apex 3XTA if I had the chance. I would start by
replacing the tent doors with a mesh screen to allow for
airflow when the rain fly is zipped shut. It got quite
stuffy in the tent when it was all buttoned down. The other
problem that we had is that there is no way to reach the
zipper at the bottom of the rain fly without getting wet
from the condensation. Some type of dual zipper on the fly
would make it easier to unzip from the top.

Here’s a picture of the tent pitched on a rock bar along the Buffalo River:

Here’s a picture of the tent pitched on a ridge above Cheaha Falls.


  • The footprint of the tent is bigger than you think
  • Unzipped the doors to help ventilation and a Wolf Spider moved in
  • May be able to raise the door tie-down of the fly by using a trekking pole
  • The weight is a bit much for only 2 people, it’s not as bad if the poles & stakes are carried seperately.
  • With some rigging of the groundcloth, it may be possible to only pitch the fly.
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