Buffalo River 2007

Getting information together for a trip report – really waiting on the pictures to come back.

Day 1 – Saturday

Tim and I had a nice drive up to Jasper on Saturday morning. I should say that I had a nice drive – Tim pretty much slept until Russelville. We stopped at the overlook to make one last call to the girls before hitting the river.

We had unloaded all of our gear and were waiting for the next bus, when two couple started piling their gear next to us. The girls looked at our stuff and said that they didn’t feel so bad about bringing so much stuff since we had as much as they did. We told them that we were going for 6 days – “How long are you guys floating?” They were on overnight trip.


We finally got loaded and on our way to the river. The driver was the son of the owners. He said that they had bought the bus at an auction for $350. I think he paid too much. We passed a sign going down (and I mean down) the road to Steel Creek landing that said: “Not recommended for busses or RV’s” I really should have taken a picture.

Steel Creek was PACKED with people, canoes, and tents. We were lucky to get on the river before the crowd – that way nobody saw us flip when we got around the corner. I think we had the weight riding too high. We learned our first lesson of the trip at this point – DO NOT PUT YOUR FOOD IN A CARDBOARD BOX FOR STORAGE IN A CANOE.

  • Hike to Hemmed In Hollow
  • Campsite at Kyle’s Landing
  • The rest of the crew finally shows up

Day 2 – Sunday

  • On the river
  • Early to bed
  • Don’t remember much else


Day 3 – Monday

  • Jumping off the cliff
  • Best campsite ever
  • “Little Bastard” invades the campsite

Day 4 – Tuesday

  • Dropped the crew at Carver
  • Stupid rope swing
  • Best Campsite Ever 2

Day 5 – Wednesday

  • On the river at 11:00 am
  • Jumping out of the tree
  • Rain shelter
  • Hiking the Narrows
  • Church group
  • Camp site
  • Broken nose

Day 6 – Thursday

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