We left Yellowstone Lake and drove through Hayden Valley toward Canyon. This was our first encounter with Buffalo. I had some impression before the trip that we may see a few, but there were tons of them!

Here’s an idea of what happens to the traffic when the buffalo are around:

This was mid-day and the sun was much to harsh for slide film, so B&W was my only option. Even with the B&W, I had to blow out the highlights in order to get any detail in the buffalo. This guy was sitting by the road to enjoy the parade of tourists:

This guy was using the scratching post (former road sign) to get some relief:

Here is another group of buffalo near the road. We rarely encountered a single buffalo:

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4 Responses to Yellowstone

  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures all around … This last one “All American” is my favorite. You are quite impressive!

  2. miles moody says:

    love the atmosphere you captured with Hellroaring Creek. nice job working with the less than optimal lighting with the Falls shot.

  3. miles moody says:

    I love the Bunsen Creek train B&Ws, esp the first two. Wow, Ansel A himself would likely be impressed.

  4. miles moody says:

    FYI: the shot across Jackson lake is lovely…..could use a bit of horizon straightening

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