We made it to our second stop of the trip at Canyon Village where we were able to get another campsite. The park was pretty full, and we had to look pretty hard to find an empty campsite. This would become a theme through the rest of the trip. Canyon Village is very near the Upper and Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River.

Above is a shot on B&W made during mid-day. It’s the best shot that I could get without doing some type of multiple exposure with blending for an HDR. It was also difficult because of the number of people crowded into the park. The shot below is on Velvia 50 slide film as the sun was setting. The waterfall is back-lit and difficult to capture without a split filter. If we ever get back to Yellowstone, I’ll be at this spot at sunrise rather than sunset.

The Canyon Village also has a nice shopping area with a place to get food, as well as the best hot showers in the park. We also did a few day hikes around this area to see Tower Falls, and the Hellroaring Trail. The Tower Falls was pretty cool, but there was no position to get a good shot of it – here’s the best that I could do:

The Hellroaring Trail was rather rewarding. We only hiked about a mile in to get to the suspension bridge over the Yellowstone River. I got some pictures of the bridge and then we started back to the trail head as the weather started to get rough. On the way out, I got a shot of the storm clouds rolling through the valley.

Above is a shot of the suspension bridge over the Yellowstone River, and below is a shot of the storm rolling over the Hellroaring Creek. Notice the fly-fisherman in the lower left corner.

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4 Responses to Yellowstone

  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures all around … This last one “All American” is my favorite. You are quite impressive!

  2. miles moody says:

    love the atmosphere you captured with Hellroaring Creek. nice job working with the less than optimal lighting with the Falls shot.

  3. miles moody says:

    I love the Bunsen Creek train B&Ws, esp the first two. Wow, Ansel A himself would likely be impressed.

  4. miles moody says:

    FYI: the shot across Jackson lake is lovely…..could use a bit of horizon straightening

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