Our only back country hike of the trip was an over night trip to Shoshone Lake. This is the largest lake in the US with no road access. It was amazingly peaceful and quiet, but also very windy.

Above is a shot of a small tree on the shore of Shoshone Lake, originally in Velvia, converted to B&W. Below is a shot from the same location made with Velvia in the late afternoon. This image actually makes a great background for a computer desktop.

Here is a shot that is my favorite from the whole trip. I call it “Moon Over Shoshone”.

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4 Responses to Yellowstone

  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures all around … This last one “All American” is my favorite. You are quite impressive!

  2. miles moody says:

    love the atmosphere you captured with Hellroaring Creek. nice job working with the less than optimal lighting with the Falls shot.

  3. miles moody says:

    I love the Bunsen Creek train B&Ws, esp the first two. Wow, Ansel A himself would likely be impressed.

  4. miles moody says:

    FYI: the shot across Jackson lake is lovely…..could use a bit of horizon straightening

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