Currently planning the trip for the weekend of May 18 – 21.  That is the weekend after Mother’s Day and the weekend before Molly&Chase and Dad&Mrs Lori’s anniversaries.  We’re going to rent the canoes from the Buffalo Outdoor Center that Tim and I used last time.  They were much more professional than Gordon Motel.

We will put in the river on Saturday as far up as we can float, and then pull out Monday somewhere.  Tim and I may stay on a day longer and pull out on Tuesday.  I’ll find a campsite Friday at the place where we’re putting in.  If I can leave HSV on Thursday and overnight in Memphis, then I should be able to be at the campsite around 2pm on Friday.  I can bring enough firewood that we won’t have to go find any at the campsite.


  • Friday – Steaks of course
  • Saturday – Chicken Alfredo
  • Sunday – Spaghetti
  • Monday – Hot-dogs

Cost for canoes:

  • 5 people – ~$100 each
  • 6 people – ~$82 each
  • 7 people – ~$94 each
  • 8 people – ~$82 each

So just like the last time, we will probably spend twice as much on gas as we will on canoes.  Groceries will probably come in second.

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