Duggers Creek Falls
Duggers Creek Falls

Duggers Creek Falls is a peaceful cascade just a short walk from the Linville Falls parking lot on the Blue Ridge Parkway. To find it, drive through the parking lot past the visitor’s center and back toward the exit. The trail to the falls is to the right just before the exit of the parking lot.

The trail to the falls is only a 1/3 mile long, and it is mostly flat. There is a foot bridge across the creek where you can view the falls. To see the falls from the same viewpoint in the image, cross the bridge and climb down to the creek underneath the bridge. I was up to my knees in water when I took this shot.

It took a few trips to Linville Falls before I found this gem hidden away down a trail off the main parking lot. Even when the parking lot is full, you may find yourself alone here.

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