Headed back to Mast Farm Inn to celebrate my birthday. Stopped at REI in Chattanooga for some rain pants because there’s a storm front coming through. Stayed ahead of it through Johnson City to Valle Crucis. They had a cake made for me waiting in the room!

Ate dinner at the Vidalia in Boone. Snow was starting to fall pretty heavy. Dinner was great, but don’t get an Old Fashioned here. Back to the room driving through the snow.

Wednesday 2/20/2019

Up at 6:30 to shoot snow covered buildings at sunrise. Shot a roll of Ilford FP4 Plus ISO 125. (Note from later – this film does NOT scan very well) Shot metered at ISO 100 to account for the snow. Breakfast was waffles & bacon and was amazing. Apparently the trick is to cook thick bacon and sprinkle with turbinado sugar.

Hiked Linville Falls from the Linville Gorge side because the BRP was closed. Got some shots with the Nikon from Chimney view.

Then went to Roan Mountain, but it was too foggy and windy for Round Bald. Roan Mountain Road was closed. Got some shots on Kodak Portra 400 from the parking lot of the Mast Store.

Drove up to Beech Mountain. Pretty cool place, but the weather was too bad to get out.

Ate dinner at the Cardinal in Boone. April loved the fried chicken sandwich. Need to add this place to the list. Now back in the bed at the Mast Farm Inn listening to the rain.

Thursday 2/21/2019

Started late because of the rain. Good breakfast again at Mast Farm Inn. Drove up to Grandfather Mountain (221) crossing the BRP to see what we can get to with the BRP closed. Turns out that the Beacon Hill overlook parking lot is inside the gate.

It is possible to hike the Tanaya Trail from there over to Linn Cove and Rough Ridge. We hiked Beacon hill and had a good time. April was a bit dizzy on the way down.

Drove down the BRP sosuth and stopped at the Moses Cone house. Renovations are finished on the roof. Then went to Blowing Rock for lunch. Ate at the Ridgeline Restaurant. Hit Rough Ridge on the way back. April made it 3/4 way to the top! I was able to get some good shots on the hanging rock. Hope they turn out.

Dinner at Over Yonder was amazing! They make an Old Fashioned with sorghum as simple syrup. Pricey, but everything was top notch. Now back at the Mast Farm Inn for our last night of this trip.

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